Tech event Share IT is organized by Development Agency of Valmiera. It happens annually and welcomes numerous speakers from the Baltics to speak, share and inspire.
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Our Goal

By organizing Share IT, we aim to connect people from the Information Technology sector and to encourage people to speak out loud about their knowledge, experience, and technological accomplishments.

We offer a platform where IT enthusiasts people can meet, chat, discuss and share, as well as find potential partners for starting new projects and creating new high tech solutions. 


October 5









Miķelis Zaļais

Developer at Wunder
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With almost 20 years of experience, Miķelis now works at Wunder Latvia and serves as the Lead developer / Drupal backend developer for several impressive companies in all Europe. 


Linda Lancere

Researcher at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.
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Having background in medical engineering and physiotherapy, as well as experience in 3D printing projects, now is looking for ways how to engage technologies to maintain and improve health and at the same time to make it attractive.


Aldis Ērglis / Austris Vasiļevskis

Emergn Machine Learning Lab
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Aldis Ērglis, Emergn Machine Learning Lab lead, BI and Data enthusiast, father and host of "Riga AI, Machine Learning and Bots" community. Austris Vasiļevskis, Emergn Client Partner. He is technology adventurist and loves to experiment. 


Stefan Lueders

CERN Computer Security Office, Head of Computer Security
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Graduated from ETH Zurich and joined CERN in 2002. Since 2009, he is heading the CERN Computer Security Incident Response Team as CERN’s Computer Security Officer. 


Kārlis Grīntāls

Frontend Developer at Draugiem Group
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Experienced lead front-end developer in different e-commerce projects, now works at Printful as a front-end developer. Interested in possible solutions to create a platform for kids to learn Web development.


Māra Pudāne

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Mara Pudane is doctoral student at RTU, Faculty of Computer Science and IT. Interested in emotion modelling and simulation, author of more than 15 scientific publications and has participated in multiple scientific projects.


Vineta Zvirbule

System Analyst at Swedbank
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Vineta has been building business intelligence solutions right after ViA studies. Currently platform owner in
the best data warehouse in Baltics.


Gatis Špats

IT Security and Operations specialist at Wunder
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Gatis has more than 10 years of experience in IT security. As a consultant and security-tester he has worked with IT security technologies and processes organizations of different scale (banks, government entities, start-ups). 


Dainis Ciguzis

IT department director
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During his 15 years in IT, he has explored scope from telecommunications, data systems, programming to process and resource management. Now Dainis is the head of IT department in Vidzemes Slimnīca.


Rihards Skrebelis

Software Tester at TestDevLab
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Started as tester during the studies at RTU. Furtheron worked as QA and test automation engineer and co-developed process for evaluating voice call quality. Now working on developing process for evaluation video call quality.


Kaspars Urbāns

Co-owner at EchoTech
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Kaspars has been making things happen with IT for a while now. Currently architect @ EchoSports. Passionate about scalability and automation of everything.


Pēteris Brūns

Board Member, GIS engineer and senior system analyst at SunGIS
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15 year experience in GIS, from data capturing and processing until system design, development and work on pan European data standard technical specification development.


Edgars Zvirbulis

Software developer at Mintos
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Edgars has experience working in several roles from junior developer to senior architect in a large scale IT company and now he is building the best peer-to-peer lending marketplace at Mintos.


Dmitry Lebedev

Head of IT Development at Citadele
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Started as a software engineer 20 years ago, has delivered many software projects, failed a few, learned a lot of things from other people and now he is willing to share his stories of success and failures with broader audience. 


Edgars Kebbe

Company manager at Kebbe IT
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In IT industry for more than 15 years now, has experience as a Web developer and project manager, but right now works as a sales manager at his own company "Kebbe IT".


Room A
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Morning coffee, opening speech and insights about what to expect from this day and event.

Room A
Why Control System Cyber-Security Sucks (EN)
Stefan Leuders, CERN Computing

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is a unique one-off prototype within the particle physics community. The accelerator itself and its attached experiments are development, managed and operated from a world-wide community of physicists, engineers and technicians. . In parallel, CERN serves as a university-like campus for this community and provides the IT environment for massive data storage, computing clusters and any other service needed to enable collaboration and research. As such, "one-off prototype" and "world-wide community" plus the general attitude of an academic environment present particular challenges in securing CERN’s data centres, the office networks and the multitude of different control systems deployed for running the LHC and its experiments.

Room B
What It Takes to Track Athlete Performance? (LV)
Kaspars Urbāns, EchoTech Director

The presentation will give an overview of the various technologies used and skills required to position/track athletes during training and match sessions. It will be a practical journey through technical parts of EchoSports.

Room A
New Features and Security In Modern Web Browsers (EN)
Miķelis Zaļais, Wunder Latvia Senior developer

What are the changes in web protocols and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge) over last few years that keep us safer on the web. How to correctly implement and use them. A session for both web developers and users. We'll also look at what the future brings.

Room B
How to integrate SEO optimisation info Web development process from day one (LV)
Edgars Kebbe, Kebbe IT, Company manager

Well-planned and research-based SEO integration on the website is a key to being noticed and well known online. Our expert Edgars Kebbe will guide you through the best SEO practices.

During the session you'll learn secrets of getting your website on TOP 10 search results, you'll be introduced to the important pre-development activities such as conducting research, planning the page structure, navigation planning, and content structure.

Room A
Security Management In Small/Medium Company (LV)
Gatis Špats, Wunder Latvia IT security and operations

Let's talk about challenges faced by different businesses - what can organizations with limited resources and small teams do to deal with different kinds of threats - from phishing and drive-by attacks to cloud service and mobile device security and compliance. Discussion will be around these issues based on experience and real-life practices at Wunder.

Room B
ABCs of Business Intelligence development (EN)
Vineta Zvirbule, Swedbank Product Owner
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Business intelligence and data warehouse are often heard but mysterious terms for many people. Based on Swedbank solution, let's look at what is the purpose of business intelligence and data warehouse in companies, what are the challenges developing one and what it takes to succeed.

Room A
Scrum And Double-loop Learning For Organisations (EN)
Dmitry Lebedev, Citadele Head of IT Development

In modern software development Scrum became a standard methodology de-facto and widely used across the globe. But implementing Scrum doesn't solve most of problems your organisation has until you realize that Scrum is a learning tool, not problem solving tool. The presentation will give quick hints on what your development team, management team and executive team could learn from doing Scrum, how Scrum application could look in your org and what to do if you ain't doing Scrum yet.

Room B
How We Test Audio Quality In VoIP Applications (EN)
Rihards Skrebelis, TestDevLab Software Testing Engineer
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Presentation will cover basics of VoIP and different challenges that we had to overcome to develop universal end-to-end solution for audio quality testing in VoIP applications.

Room A
How to Know User Is Frustrated? A Seamless Emotion Acquisition Approach (LV)
Māra Pudāne, researcher, AI and System Engeneering, RTU

Emotional state while working on computer can indicate both, the productivity of the user and the quality of the system. An important obstacle while analysing emotions is emotion detection since sensors that currently allow to acquire the emotional state are expensive and can distract user. The talk will introduce and explain safe, accurate and user-friendly approach for emotion detection.

Room B
Geospatial Information Is Simple! (LV)
Pēteris Brūns, SunGIS, GIS consultant

Challenges working with geospatial data - opportunities, data, constraints and risks. Typical toolset of geospatial engineer living in open source world, is it possible?

Room A
“How to … in the age of Machine Learning” (EN)
Aldis Ērglis / Austris Vasiļevskis Emergn Machine Learning Lab

More information coming soon

Room B
Evolving With Software (EN)
Edgars Zvirbulis, Mintos Marketplace Software developer
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Working in a rapidly growing company with ever evolving software platform one must evolve with it to succeed. In this talk I will cover the effects of rapid growth on software, it's developers and the processes encountered within Mintos Marketplace.

Room A
IT solutions as tools for medicine (LV)
Dainis Ciguzis, Vidzemes Slimnīca, Head of IT

More information coming soon

Room B
Why Vue.js is becoming so popular? (LV)
Kārlis Grīntāls, Printful / Draugiem Group, Frontend Developer

JavaScript has a lot of frameworks and libraries, but this year Vue.js got a lot of attention.

What are the main reasons why developers want to learn and use it. 

Room A
Automated web deployments at EchoSports (LV)
Kaspars Urbāns, EchoTech Director
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A short walk through EchoTech automated deployment tasks for developers. Kaspars will explain how easy it is to automate deployment processes. Or the only way to be a good lazy ops person.

AFTERPARTY at Coffee Shop "Terbata", Terbatas street 2, Valmiera

Drinks, discussions, networking, etc.



Will the sessions be in Latvian or English?
Both. Some of the sessions will be in Latvian, some - in English. Next to each of the topics you will see the language indicated (-LV, -EN).
If entrance is free of charge, why do I have to register?
Thanks to our amazing sponsors, the entrance is free of charge. However, organizers need to predict the approximate number of participants to plan seating and practical things like the amount of food needed for breaks. Please do register your attendance.
Can I take photos / film videos during the event?
Yes, but if there are other people in your photos, please ask them if it is OK to publish them on social media.
Will there be parking available?
Yes, in front of the building there is a parking lot. However, it has a limited capacity, so make sure to arrive on time.
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